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Hi! I really like this. I have thought to myself many times before about how life takes on many cycles, and how we all are going through many cycles within ourselves as we go through our lives. There are productive times and unproductive times, frantic times and very slow times, good times and bad. It has brought me much comfort to know when I am in hard times that good times will come around again. It brings some awareness of my present joy, too, in the good times to know that they are temporary. It is interesting to know that not everyone experiences life this way, as this cyclical awareness has been the subject of many of my deeper learnings and realizations as I have grown through life. I would love to learn more about how the modular perspective is experienced, and how it’s weight of meaning is experienced. Is it as deeply meaningful? I suppose that is where Si’s nostalgia and yearning for the past comes from, the deep meaning that change brings and highlights of the past. That brings me some new perspective, and I’d love to learn more.

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