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You have to consider gender though. As a boy, I were a bit logic oriented, not particularly “emotional”, but neither denying them. I would say I prefer gather data, breaking them down, analytical, fixing issues by pure mind, not feeling. My responses, simply were a bit sterile, or callous. Cold, in cases any girl would be deeply caring. Its not that I could ever just shut off people of “walk out” easily, and I have a pet peeve project or two trying to nurture, “growth” for people, in some cases, which might work, or might not. I don’t know.

It’s seldom this is “emotional” more how I work, so to say. Using, even letting myself be  permeable to help figure out what goes on. Even letting others issues seep in, to understand them. Its more, I try encourage personal growth, mentoring, for a few cases, and have infinite patience, but this is not being cold, except a few cases, I don’t deal with “high” emotions. But as a Seelie Fi, alexithymia people appear semi “comatose”, as if I talk to someone with obvious cognitive lack, that is all the way from Mentally Challenged, to Full Professor, btw. They simply, “lack” something. Unseelie is no big issue, imho.

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