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  • Type: FiSe
  • Development: l---
  • Attitude: Unseelie

Hi @Amy Marie and thanks for welcoming post 🙂

Yes, getting my long life clumsiness named as “dyspraxia” gave me sort of relief and understanding of many problems I was facing. I found this specific connection between Fi and being on the Spectrum which @Auburn noticed very fascinating as many popular stereotypes only mention a correlation with Thinking (especially for those with autism and/or Aspergers’) or boldly declare MBTI and other similar systems as applicable for normal and healthy population only. I remember I almost took this as an personal insult when I first approached this thought. I believe the borderline between normal and not normal is very thin and hard to find, if it’s even possible to do so. New diagnoses are established every since and than and what is consider normal but a little weird today can be labeled as disorder of some kind tomorow…

I guess being so clumsy and impractical was the main reason why I struggled to relate to both sensing functions (in MBTI and Socionics) and I still have serious doubts about it even here on CT, however I admitt I have been havily influenced by MBTI for years so “reprograming” my mind can take some time, and, secondly, it’s probably for different discussion… 🙂

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