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@rua ^ right!

It would be more coherent like this. Here, the arrows are now pointing to the star which is nonetheless held within the structure, but along the final vector space. Yes this feels right, especially in light of the IF article, where I mention that a variant of G exists that is pious “In Relation to a Self-Crafted Object.” Thus, the object [attractor] can also be acknowledged as self-crafted (within-the-mind).

And whether we wish to say that all G types self-craft the star, or whether it truly exists outside, is a theological question better left unknown — since I don’t wanna cross theological lines, any more than I want to cross political problems. Putting the attractor within the structure also retains the G structure within phenomenology. But at the same time, to those who have a theological bent, it doesn’t omit the possibility that the existence of the attractor within them is isomorphic to an extrinsic attractor.

Yes! Agh, this was actually bugging me– and now it’s like when you snap that last puzzle piece into place. Thank you for pointing it out Rua.


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