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R / G as Unified Agendas

Also I’d like to address one quick detail in the diagrams above. At first glance it may seem that “Radial” and “Gravitic” describe things moreso from the point of view of the biotic angle: Fi and Fe respectively. And although that has something to do with it, this isn’t entirely correct. The biotic dimension does seem to provide more life-impetus than the abiotic, which guides the living trajectory of the organism more as a whole, but it couldn’t do this alone — it’s a mutual activity.

Radial would not be radial if R+ (Te) did not act upon the world. Radiation would just stop at Fi’s unbridled radiation if it wasn’t for Te moving reality along in that vector. And with Te’s aide, Fi/Te can, as a whole, radiate out into the world in the way it chooses.

Likewise G would not be gravitic if G+ (Fe) sensed the call of the attractor, but did not have a compass to course-correct its navigation process. Ti (G-) lead types are also driven towards the ‘problem’ of this elusive objective (willed/conscious) attractor, albeit from a more essentialist and definitional place; aiming to cognitively ‘grasp’ it along with everything else.

Practiacally speaking, Ti’s (G-) task in the pair is to make sure that the course of their pursuit of abstract Fe (G+) questions is conceptually pure, true and monistically sound. It therefore functions more as a ‘standard’, a compass and editor of mistakes along the navigation of G+ toward the attractor. G- is not the life-impetus process, it’s a passive compass that mainly subtracts what it sees as falsehoods in the larger G oscillation. In both Radial and Gravitic cases, it is Je that is moving them forward. But in both cases, it is the Ji compass helping define (R-) what ‘forward’ is, or refine (G-) what ‘forward’ is.

(But I should also mention that this unified agenda manifests the most when both functions are consciously engaged. As with V and M, R and G describe the ‘total’ activity of the systems. If a person is repressing one side of the oscillation, this won’t be experienced quite the same and the isolated definitions of the poles come into play instead.)

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