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  • Type: TiNe
  • Development: l--l
  • Attitude: Adaptive

Patti Smith


Oh dear, there’s another tough one now~!

I’ll start with the simple stuff:

Te/Fi is solid:

She has a very clear snarling smile, tension rising upwards, and even giddy giggling and bashful radiation in many interviews.

For the P axis, Se/Ni appears most likely to me:

^ Based on how she looked when younger, such as here, as well as her dynamic movements such as at:


^ Se Eye-Head Parallel Motion

This makes her a Gamma type, most likely. Holistically this looks super Gamma to me:

As for her energetics…


^ P Fluid Posture + Pe Casual Hands + Se Gravity


^ P Fluid Posture + Pe Casual Hands + Se Gravity

I see a lot of fluid energy, very inertial movements and casualness that would suggest P-lead. She initially comes across very much like Trent Reznor and maybe Tom Waits. She might have the weight of a conscious Ni process there. So we’re looking at SeFi l–l so far. But this isn’t the end of it. We also see these signals:


^ Ji Exerted Push + Ji Momentum Halting


^ Je Projecting Hands + Ji Meticulous Hands

These two GIFs above are curious, especially the first once since she goes into a very J moment while her body is still very fluid. Quite interesting to see. The second GIF looks more prototypically J-heavy. In other words, she’s J-heavy and P-heavy, showing all four energetics. We can see the J energetics more when she’s older too, such as at:


^ Ji Eyes Disengage Down + Ji Meticulous Hands


^ Ji Meticulous Hands + Je Projecting Hands

The only conclusion I can come to from this is that she’s Gamma + four-function conscious. My guess would be in either SeFi llll or FiSe llll. At a glance I can’t say more than this though.

Oh, but one more thing:

^ On a scale of 1-5, she has a very solid 4+ fallen affect. And this also seems to be consistent with the pattern that’s been growing across the database of fallen affect clustering around those with the lower 2 functions developed (even though it’s not an absolute rule). I don’t know much about her but she definitely seems to be a complex character. She seems to be a mixture of paradoxes, from what I can tell. Male-ish, female-ish, childish, serious. Wow.

Margin of Error:

  • Most likely: SeFi llll (or possibly lll-, I have to look closer at her Ni)
  • Less likely: FiSe llll
  • Unlikely: NiTe llll, TeNi llll
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