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Elisa Day
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@auburn The reason I keep repeating ‘Se users can be so nostalgic’ might be because I often observe Se revisors talking about themselves, their lives, and their general experiences far more often than I see Si conductors do so. This is most likely due to general Ji tendencies.

It seems common to see Se revisors on the server posting old songs they used to love and going on about how great they were, how music/movies/etc were so much better then. They say things like, “remember so-and-so? Man, I miss them. Those were some good times.” They’ll post pictures of themselves as kids, reminisce about their bad fashion choices, tell stories about their families and home towns while growing up, etc. Călin (SeTi) enjoyed taking me around his home town and telling stories about the friends he had, how they dressed, the music they listened to, how they killed time, etc. Meanwhile, the Si conductors tend to be pretty quiet about their personal lives from what I can tell.

As for the actual *experience* of nostalgia, from my point of view, I think of it as a feeling that’s like being haunted. There’s something unsettling to me about nostalgia. Sometimes the feeling is so unsettling, I purposely avoid it. Junk can build up in my home just because it takes too much mental processing to sort through and decide which keepsake is worth the memories or not. This creates a sense of stagnancy, and the junk just needs to be purged without much thought to refresh the flow and rejuvenate the cycles.

I have perceived my memories stay fresh when I have keepsakes, like photographs, music, movies, books, letters, etc. Without keepsakes, my memory hangs onto very little. The experience must be exceptional to reminisce upon without the use of keepsakes, and over time I will typically decide it would be more mentally healthy to just let go, move on, and create mental space for new experiences; just like purging the old junk in my home creates more physical space for new things.

When I was a kid, my mother encouraged me to make scrapbooks and bought me some supplies. Much to her disappointment, I didn’t fill the scrapbooks with personal experiences or memories. Instead I filled them with images from magazines that I thought looked cool, pretty, or interesting. I made dozens over the years, and still like to look at them every now and then because I still think the images are cool, pretty, or interesting. They aren’t “fresh” like they used to be, but there’s still something inspiring about looking back at what was once a mystery and is now more deeply understood.

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