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Alright so second attempt, this will be more concise

I would say the four temperaments are perhaps easier to match to the four temperaments, although it is still quite rough.

Hufflepuff is more Phlegmatic and Pi, they are stable, even-tempered, prone to be more accepting of information and less likely to choose a side. They also prefer stability to uncertainty and change, which I would say is a pretty strong indicator of Pi.

Slytherin is more Choleric and Je, they are really ambitious, strong-willed and will use any means to achieve their ends. This cunning is not that the same as Pe’s cunning which has less of a long-term strategy to it but is more an enjoyment of the moment and tricking others for amusement. Slytherin is more of a serious house who works hard to be successful and seeks respect from their peers (something I see in Fe but perhaps also in Te being meritocratic).

Gryffindor is Sanguine is Pe. They are impulsive, pleasure-seeking and want to be remembered for their great adventures. Unlike Slytherin who tends to plan ahead, Gryffindor acts more in the moment. They are more extroverted and prone to end up looking stupid (a pretty Se trait as the myth of Se is sometimes wise, sometimes foolish).

Ravenclaw is melancholic is Ji, they are quite analytical which is something I would associate with Judging. They are quite introspective, prefer to spend time by themselves, have perfectionist tendencies and are idealistic. They are also noted for being very eccentric and may even defy conventionality, a trait evident in both Ti and Fi.

The four elements aren’t really something I take as seriously, as Auburn himself said the four temperaments themselves are easier to classify than the four elements.


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