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Is there a nostalgic experience you feel like sharing?

(could be anything you feel comfortable with)

I keep coming back to these frozen memories of my old houses. I also feel a sense of longing for something that doesn’t exist and I don’t know what it is.

What is your personal experience of nostalgia most often like?

Is it reminiscing or replaying favorite memories in your mind,
or actively recreating events that you enjoyed in the past (such as re-booting/playing your old N64),
or is it more about trying to physically preserve things untouched (such as not replacing an old bike)
or something else maybe..?

Most often it is induced or inducing a certain atmosphere. A peaceful environment where mysteries are lurking in the background. Ooh! I think X-Files is one of the things that brings those feelings. It feels old but the theme song sometimes pops up in my mind, inviting you to go somewhere. Either that or an idealistic past where the background is peaceful but filled with drama, like… Braveheart? That made no sense since it is a war film, but somehow there is a sense of belonging, struggle, and spirit. I know these could hardly be called “nostalgia” but somehow they’re connected in my mind. Naruto, Tomb Raider, yeah, there are many these frozen memories in my head.

[Edit: And I say “frozen”, but it’s the essence that is frozen, the surroundings themselves are constantly reconstructed a bit.)

Do you collect keepsakes?

(i.e. “an object that has sentimental value, like a locket that belonged to your grandmother”).

Not that many, tbh. But I think I’ve always brought something from the beach whenever I went there. I could say floating on the sea, carried around by the waves has the most calming effect for me.

How often do you feel nostalgia?

Significantly compared to other emotions.

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