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  • Type: TiNe
  • Development: l--l
  • Attitude: Adaptive

Mike Rugnetta


Ted Talk speaker and host of a PBS studios youtube channel. The first thing that is apparent about him is his Je energy. But more specifically, his Fe. I think we can see it in GIFs such as:


^ Je Projecting Hands + Fe Warm Swelling (+ Fe Coordinated Emphasis)


^ Je Gesticulations + Fe Warm Swelling (+ Fe Coordinated Emphasis) ..with a bit of Ji thrown in there.

From these videos Fe-lead seems most likely to me. His P axis is a lot less obvious, unless you properly remove his default facial anatomy. I see him as having Si/Ne vultology, atop of some asian-esque facial anatomy:

This would give us FeSi.

He seems to be to belong to the same shade of FeSi as Simon Sinek who, for those who have listened to his talks, also talks about “networks” a lot, and our dependency on them. There’s this interesting trend among Fe-leads to focus on interdependent systems, often when it comes to people-focused interdependent systems. In any case, the subject matter is not exclusive to Fe-leads, and Te’s also talk about networks, but it’s curious to me how it comes out in him as well.

Also, I thought I’d look for an actual interview he does with someone else, to be sure to get a view of his vultology in an unscripted setting. And sure enough, it matches his overall vultology quite well. What we see is a Je-lead vultology, specifically Fe-lead. We can see this in GIFs such as:


^ Je Gesticulations + Fe Warm Swelling


^ Je Pointed Emphasis (with some Fe Directive Pushing inserted in there)


edit: My only reservation with FeSi is that he sometimes has a wobbling of the lips:

Ugh. I’m going to have to backpedal and just say JeSi for this guy. He’s another signal mixer.  I’ve gotta solve the theoretical framing around this signal mixing phenomenon. There’s some stuff in the works there, but still testing it out. Regardless, JeSi seems correct to me.

Margin of Error:

  • Most likely: FeSi
  • Less likely: TeSi
  • Unlikely: NeJi l-l-
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