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  • Type: TiNe
  • Development: l--l
  • Attitude: Adaptive

Zaki Manian


Zaki came up in Discord before, and my answer back then was either a double-extroverted NiTe, or a conductor developed SeFi l-ll. That still seems to be the case. However, after reviewing SeFi l-ll Jaron Lanier above, I am more inclined to say he’s a conductor developed SeFi. My initial inclination towards Ni-lead came from seeing how fixed forward his eyes can be, combined with hypnotic eyelids, such as at:


^ Pi Fixed Forward Gaze + Ni Hypnotic Eyes + Pe Bubbling Momentum

From this video above I might have estimated NiTe with conscious Pe. And that may still be right, but we gotta look as broadly as possible, to get a full sense of his expressive range. And what I see in other videos are GIFs such as:



^ What we see above is a prototypical Pe+Je combination of gestures. There is P-lead subordination of judgment, in the way the expressions are much more left-right, rather than forward-back, and the hands are completely fluid and circular. But in addition, there’s a native state bubbling momentum and excitation. This level of momentum and energy is outside the range of NiTe. And this is not just for a few seconds, but across a 1+ hour video. He looks very much like Jaron Lanier here.

This lets me know we might be seeing a new shade of SeFi. We haven’t seen this very much before but I believe that combined with SeFi l-ll Jaron Lanier , SeFi l-ll Zaki Manian gives us a sense of what this type is like. Both happen to be in a similar workspace – one working with avoiding the tyrannical effects of manipulation by corporeations, and the other is focused on decentralized digital cryptocurrencies.

I don’t yet know what else may be discovered as we find more people of this shade, but it’s exciting to see!

Margin of Error:

  • Most likely: SeFi l-ll
  • Less likely: NiTe ll-l

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