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  • Type: TiNe
  • Development: l--l
  • Attitude: Adaptive

Woody Allen


Woody Allen presents me with a good excuse to talk about the conjunction of the Ne/Si type with heavy fallen affect. 🙂

^ Here we see Ne/Si vultology, with a brightly open pretarsal area, “naive” and “dulled” eyes (doe-eyed). But atop of this we also encounter:

^ Here we see a fallen quality to his expression, especially in the top-left corner image. I have placed numbers on these images according to the upcoming 1-5 scale of Fallen Affect. As you can see the bottom-right image is only a 3. Maybe that was a good time in his life. But this one…

^ Is a 5/5 on Fallen Affect.

Anyhow, moving onto his actual type, I see TeSi:

^ Te/Fi Taut Square Cheeks (“H”), Snarling Smiles, Asymmetry, etc.

And dynamic signals:


^ Te Sassy Emphasis + Te Plateau Velocity + Te Snippy Head Shakes


^ Je Gesticulations + Te Snippy Head Nods (+ Te Plateau Velocity & Sassy Emphasis)


^ Te Snippy Head Nod/Push + Pi Eye-Drifting (+ Te Plateau Velocity & Sassy Emphasis)

He’s another example of a TeSi film-maker, it seems. And prolific, just like many of the other TeSi. In an interview he’s asked:

Interviewer: you know you might have done one film a year virtually since the mid-1960s, a fantastically productive record. What what keeps you going what makes woody run.

Allen: Well you know it’s not it’s not all that big deal when you think of it because that’s what I do, is make films. I mean it’s not that I’m torn between other activities and the kind of situation within which I function that is I have a long-term arrangement for making films. So it’s not that I have to get an idea and sell somebody the idea and go find an actor to play it and spend two years making deals with people and going to lunch and doing nonsense. As soon as I’m finished with the script we’re in production the next day we were off and in pre-production anyhow the next day. And so it’s not it’s not that big thing I have a number of ideas for films, many more than I could make really in my lifetime I have a drawer full.

^ Here we see his Je productivity / procedural orientation. As soon as one finishes, or even before, he’s already on the next one. And his workflow is so natural to him that he doesn’t think twice about breaks. It’s what he does, and it’s not a big deal for him. This speaks to Te’s mechanistic understanding.

And the second aspect here is the proliferation of ideas, which for Allen specifically is related to M (Ne/Si). And this touches upon another aspect of him: his parodies and caricatures. Very much like TeSi Stephen Colbert, he uses himself as a caricature when doing Comedy. “Woody Allen” is a caricature, in a way, that he has built. He’s a very fascinating figure – I’ve never looked into him before.

What it looks like to me is that Woody Allen is TeSi but with a non-standard development. In this interview the Te appears rather clearly but he’s also got signals of Pi. And in other interviews he has signals of Ji. And he’s not without some Ne as well. He’s a complex person and I’d need to spend a lot more time analyzing him to see his development level, but he’s definitely TeSi Unseelie + Fallen Affect.

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