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Over time I’ve gotten a better grasp of what Ti/Fe and Fi/Te look like in a person. Damn it’s difficult to articulate!  I was trying to explain to a friend, who is waiting for a report, why she may be Gamma instead of Beta (in my mind) —  I will post it here. I used politics as an example – but I tried to edit out as much political fuel as I can so we can keep the focus on CT, lol…

Thinking about it, the archiving is Te and also [your specific manifestation of the] libertarian attitude is very Gamma, and not just superficially
Betas are more group oriented so even if they are a libertarian, they’re talking about it like Peterson
 [our friend who is beta] is always talking about this group and that. he loves politics
 he hates politicians lol but he likes seeing all the movement of groups against each other
he finds [members of an activist group] and asks them specific questions to try to define their principles as a whole
and he tells them he keeps hearing the same things
and he’s looking for an answer on X or Y, and they all won’t give one
he does that rather than chat here like the gammas about how it affects him personally
 and he gets mad at me if i include him in under privileged groups in conversation
[if i bring up his lack of privilege to make a point about politics] he will say, “I’m not a loser”
he’d rather just give a middle finger to the system rather than own some personal suffering
and i know you and i are not quick to be pathetic losers either
but we’re like, here’s my personal trials
at least among friends
and here’s how the system fucks ME (or someone else in particular)
which is a gamma focus, because we see that as an example of the collective reason of why it’s wrong
but [the Beta] is much more focused on defining the various forces on the chess board
he was focused always on “the system” and how it was fucked up
[we all may notice various types of brainwashing, oppression, and group dynamics, but his *first* and automatic focus is the play between groups]

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