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I know they are not up to date; but there is no way to handle that. Archaeologists do tell them things, if asked. But they do drumming, dancing and walk in robes still, at wrong time at the year, in funny, non-correct places for ceremonies. In wrong costumes.

This is how I used to feel about modern astrology as compared to traditional astrology. And I imagine some of our members would probably feel the same about tropical vs. sidereal astrology.

I will try to explain the issue but it is only an example. So, traditional astrology was operating with the following celestial bodies – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn.

Each of these has a corresponding day of the week. Sun and Moon each have one corresponding sign they rule. Each planet has 2 signs it rules. It goes like :

Sun rules Leo – Mercury rules Virgo – Venus rules Libra- Mars rules Scorpio-Jupiter rules Sagittarius – Saturn rules Capricorn

Moon rules Cancer – Mercury rules Gemini – Venus rules Taurus – Mars rules Aries – Jupiter rules Pisces – Saturn rules Aquarius

If you look at it, you will see a system of steps, going from Sun and Moon to Saturn or from Saturn to Sun and Moon.

This is much more complex, as planets don’t only rule signs, there is also exaltation, exile, fall, triplicity…this is a very complex system but I just wanted to show you its skellie or rather its spine.

So, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto entered the picture and they did not fit in. Because this system was already complete. Any addition is obviously unfitting.

But people felt like these should be added in. So, here they are – Uranus ruling Aquarius, Neptune ruling Pisces and Pluto ruling Scorpio (alongside the traditional rulers).

As soon as I discovered how this system was built, I was appalled by these modern additions.

But many people successfully use Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in their predictions and have integrated the specific planet values into a logical framework. I can easily find experiences I had that corresponded neatly with these planets’ transits. I am currently exploring every spiritual system I heard of like a maniac while Neptune is peacefully transiting my 9th house. I can look at the modern system and see it as making sense. Or I can look at the old system and it makes sense too.

I think this is because all these systems are just frameworks that assist us in using our minds to create synchronistic events or to understand synchronistic events which are already clustering around us. So, I think Neptune itself does not represent some spiritual awakening, Uranus itself does not represent a revolution…but if we ascribed them these meanings, they do. And not only as in “they do to us, in a subjective way”, but as in…they really do. Neptune will transit Pisces and many people will indeed feel an awakening. Or Jupiter joined Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and a pandemic striked, with all the associated social and economic problems.

But traditional astrologers could say pretty much the same  by only looking at Saturn and Jupiter (without Pluto) and maybe corroborating their conjunction with these planets being aligned to a fixed star or being in mutual reception with another planet etc. They would use slightly different methods and still reach a similar result.

This was a long explanation, but the point is – in my opinion, it does not matter if contemporary druids do their rites at the times prescribed by old teachings. Contemporary druids just need to have a spiritual system that makes sense to them and rituals that help them reach …a state of mind instrumental for spiritual development.

Modern astrologers don’t need to use the traditional rulerships, although they are beautiful and make much more sense than the modern ones. They just need a spiritual system which makes sense to them and build practices that help them project images on the sky and collect information back from the sky.

So, basically, there seem to be some general rules which apply anyway, no matter what system you use. You just need a coherent system in order to properly work with energy.


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