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You also mean Pe-leads with Pi-dev, for example?

Yes, definitely. Since I only see them from the backseat and for a short while and they don’t do many free hand gestures, I can’t see much anyway. Just my impression is they have more conductor energy than the general population.

I do think many are Pe leads with developed Je and/or Pi. And some conductors, I think more Je than Pi.

Ohhh…one recently told me about the “woodpecker app”. So, sometimes I am looking for a taxi on an app and someone immediately announces he will come to pick me up but he is 10 or 15 minutes away. Then he might call and say “I am so sorry, the app was showing me another place, I thought you are at… (x point close to him). Please cancel the ride ! There is nothing I can do!” Because after accepting you as a client, they are not allowed to cancel the ride themselves without possible negative consequences like a sanction by their manager or a low rating by the client.

So, why is this happening?

This is happening because normally taxi drivers stay in one place and when they see a client close to them on the map, looking for a car, they tap on the screen and by that tapping they take the ride.

Now, the “woodpecker” is an app some taxi drivers install that creates automatic tapping as soon as any order is made. Anywhere in Bucharest. The taxi driver can be in the South part of the city and the client way North, 40 minutes away from him, it doesn’t matter, the woodpecker does not discern. It just taps to take any ride right away. And then the driver might see he is way too far from his client and he might call him to tell him there was a mistake on the app and he should cancel his order and make a new one !!

This guy seemed JePe or PeJe, I think. I enjoyed his explanation a lot, it clarified some situations I never understood before and it also made me think how hard it can be for people to compete with technology even at such a simple level (as drivers who are actually close to the client don’t manage to tap faster than the woodpecker). Also how people tend to combine the use of technology with opportunistic behaviors. Which had a trickster feel to it too.


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