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  • Type: SeFi
  • Development: ll--
  • Attitude: Seelie

I know someone I suspect is INTP (i think TiNe) which basically do stuff as not paying attention driving, and once delivered mail without a back wheel (it was still there just, not doing anything Wheelish stuff, as moving…). . . Pooor car….  -_-

Yup, wheels need to do wheelish stuff, ahahaha !

I was just talking to my boss earlier, telling her I would not dare to drive, as I might kill someone if I did. Even though I have a driver’s license !

Do you think developing Si is what helped you become more attentive in some cases – like with driving ? Or was it just repeating some activities over and over again till you became better at doing them?

By the way, did anyone notice how many taxi/uber/bus drivers are conductors? Or have conscious conductor functions/conductor functions they modulate very well? Did anyone ever take a taxi and met a driver who was not either very articulate and very passionate about politics or who did not keep anecdotal/abstract rambling for the entire ride? Not saying all of them are conductors, of course, but it might be a statistically relevant trend.

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