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  • Type: FiNe
  • Development: l-l-
  • Attitude: Unseelie

I agree generally with these proposals or plans. However, there is another thing that I think needs to be clarified. Well, I’m a bit hesitant to address it since it’s a heavy topic for me, but it might be important since it’s somehow been bugging me. And this is purely based from my anecdotal experience and some idealistic thinking, so correct me if I’m wrong. But…

In general, I think there are some different queer qualities attached to both of the axes. For Ti, I don’t think it necessarily fits to the stereotypical gender roles either as implied by the description of Fi. But in contrast to Fi, which either tends to appear off-shooting to the more masculine or feminine side (depends on the emotionality), Ti could make someone rather appearing… neutral? The stereotypical gender roles would fit Fe better imo, in both women and men. You know, those stereotypical motherly and fatherly figures? While Fi in women (and men) could appear youthful or childlike, rather than feminine per se I would say. And there’s only one other thing that I think we’re left off for Te… I think Te could probably give an effect of someone appearing either hypermasculine or hyperfeminine. These are largely just a matter of perception, but we’re talking about stereotypically. And the rough appearance of some guys with Te, especially those with Unseelie emotionality, I honestly don’t see how their signals are feminine? And what’s interesting for me, I think I have seen just as much Fe/Ti who are transgendered if not more than the Te/Fi ones (if my understanding of vultology is correct and my samples are representative enough, so take that with a grain of salt).

Which begs me the question of sexual orientation. The proportion probably seems more balanced in transgender community because someone going through gender reassignment would inevitably be more visible in the eyes of the public. But when we often see LGBs in media who are Fi/Te, this is probably related more to the psychology rather than the orientation itself, which I think might be related to the theme of self-expression prevalent in those with Fi/Te psychology. It’s an interesting phenomenon to me when addressed by Auburn in the profile descriptions and I can confirm that I do see the signals in many public LGBT personas and youtubers. However, I still don’t think Fe/Ti are necessarily less prone to behave in sexually unconventional manners. Although indeed, they might not necessarily identify with the labels or prefer to keep their orientation discreet–or probably don’t feel the desire to express them (even if they’re already out) the way that fellas with Fi/Te do. Especially regarding bisexuality, but there’s too much on this topic to be covered here. From what I know though, they’re the ones who are the least likely to ever come out, probably because of the stigma.

Anyway, I just think these are some possibilities on why Fi/Te seems to be prevalent in LGBT community. I might be wrong and it might be true that Fi/Te is more predisposed to explore this potentials within themselves and advocate for it, however that still leaves a little room for Ti/Fe to at least be mentioned in comparison to Fi/Te in this regard, if this matter needs to be addressed at all, don’t ya think? Just for the sake of fair comparison haha.

So, any LGBTQ here? Have you seen others like you who show Ti/Fe vultology? And for Auburn and the straight folks, I would be delighted to hear your opinion on this!

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