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Sounds nice, I think we are beating against limitations of the human psyche if we discussing doing something with an intrinsic point of view. I used to be adherent to intrinsic truth, trying to see what the truth is, finding out what is trickery, and seek the intrinsic, truth for its own sake.

I also used to judge christianity quite harsh, basically as a failed definite-state (logically rigid) self replicating meme machine worshipping fake prophets using gullible mockeries of priests and lay people hoping for salvation and doing deeds, turning philosophically “fat” and lazy knowingly, knowing their instrumental path choosen of service grants eternal paradise… I found a lot of religions so horrible I willingly would turn away from it, anyway, as unsound, due to obviously being.. Not”fake”, abuse of prophets, messengers and unusual legacies turning turgid.

The hope of salvation, having earned goodwill, saved up favours for later, hinges upon failed worldviews, maybe. Still this is what they have, can have. Feeling of doing good, doing good deeds, even if it’s not true. If we reject instrumental religious truths, can we have intrinsic ones if people would cling to obsolete ones? Would old widows benefit from discarding her entire life’s hope?

A second example:

See towards Stonehenge. The Old Archaeological Order of Druids and Ovates were founded by people reading old, now obsolete papers on Druidism. I know they are not up to date; but there is no way to handle that. Archaeologists do tell them things, if asked. But they do drumming, dancing and walk in robes still, at wrong time at the year, in funny, non-correct places for ceremonies. In wrong costumes.

Doing it wrong.

Do it matter? And how?

Personally, I still seek truth, and reject failed systems, theories and worldviews. Not all seem able to. I have learned to see nuances, shades of grey, and discovered there is many truths, half-truths. And lifepaths.

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