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Is there a nostalgic experience you feel like sharing? / What is your personal experience of nostalgia most often like? / How often do you feel nostalgia?

I don’t understand nostalgia. Every now and then I have to ask a psychologist to explain it to me again, because I tend to forget about that which I don’t use (be it abstract or material; doesn’t matter). It also happens with compliments: I have the tendency to forget what’s the difference between complimenting someone and sharing an observation with them, because it’s really hard for me to understand why the difference does even exist (although I can clearly see the effects in the outer world; but that comes from a different framing and it’s about “action”). Sometimes I ask regular people to explain it to me from their pov, to tell me about how they experience it subjectively… doesn’t help much. I also don’t miss people or places like others do (I really thought I did, but when I explained what I meant by those words they said it’s not like that? IDK), perhaps that’s connected. I also don’t empathize much with memories, especially if they’re far in the past. I’m too simplistic, perhaps. So, I’m glad this thread was opened.

Do you collect keepsakes?

Yes, kinda. I don’t know why. I tend to either collect too many of something or none at all. I never look at them (except for my books and puzzles). I don’t understand memory photos. I’m sorry for all the people who care about them and would like me to share that feeling with them, but I don’t, and I actually hate taking memory pics because they create a “halt” in the experience and then there comes this weird collective atmosphere, idk. I prefer experiencing something fully in the present to save a richer memory of it for later, yk?

Oftentimes, several years later, I notice a collection of something and think “well, it’s time to get rid of it, isn’t it?”.
I suspect: that part of me which thinks “this concept could be useful in the future” goes the same way with regards to the material world.
My address book is rather full, but every some years I delete contacts that I feel I’ll never use again. And then it’s really satisfying when you go “massive deletion!!!”.


I think I once experienced something very close to nostalgia. It was VERY REALLY HUGELY WEIRD. I had just read a post of an acquaintance, she shared memories and sensory details nostalgically (somehow I can recognize nostalgia from others even if I don’t fully understand what it is about,), and later a super-vivid picture + a smell flashed in my mind: my mother’s super-old dark green sweater from when I was 4 (I can still recall its feel to the touch, the fabrics in details) and her smell while my head was on her belly. And I think I… what can I say? I “remembered being a child”. Like, I was incarnating my past self from the past memory?? IT WAS SO WEIRD I CLOSED THAT DOOR AND FUQNOPED IT AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT.

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