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Is there a nostalgic experience you feel like sharing?

I return often to my hometown to just walk around and soak in the feeling of being ‘home’. I know part of this stems from the trauma I experienced as a child, returning to my place of origin without my abusive parent is a kind of re-setting and soothing experience. But it’s also about re-living the walks I used to take with my grandma on some of those same streets when I was a toddler. Those are very old cherished memories for me.

I also often reminisce with my partner about memories we share and this brings us closer. Many of our inside jokes come from specific instances of when one of us did something funny or dumb and we basically memeify it XD

What is your personal experience of nostalgia most often like?

Nostalgia takes a few different forms for me. Most prominently I feel a sense of longing when reminded of something special that happened in the past. I also tend to fixate on and idealize the past, and feel like I’ve lost a more ‘perfect’ state than I have presently. I recognize this is mostly irrational though, as the past had just as many (if not more) flaws as the present does. Kind of related to this, I feel like the ways of our ancient ancestors were superior and more aligned compared to the modern way of doing things. We’ve lost touch with the Earth and the human Soul..

If I’ve had an important experience in a certain place, sometimes I’ll hesitate to return there afterward in order to kind of preserve the meaning of the original experience. Alternatively, if I’ve imprinted on a certain place or road to travel I’ll be drawn back because of a strong sense of nostalgia.

I have certain things I’ve put up in my room wherever I’ve moved to that I’m nostalgically attached to. One is a lunar-themed tapestry that I always put behind my altar. I also have antique playing cards that my grandma and I always used to play black jack and crazy 8s with.

In general I’m not into antiques, but there are certain ones I admire like Chinese and Japanese style furniture. I also have a couple antiques that I found and refurbished to put in my room, things like that have a lot of soul and a back-story. I feel like this makes them feel more ‘alive’ and relevant to me. I have this long wood framed wall mirror which came originally from a morgue. It was given to my friend by the mortician when the cemetery closed, and she gave it to me. I imagine how many dead people must have been reflected in that mirror as their lifeless bodies were meticulously prepared for their final public display.. When I look at this mirror I’m reminded of the kind of sad irony I feel about society’s absurd bastardizing of nature, the masks we lay over dark truths such as death. Also I feel a connection to the world of the dead, to the collective of our ancestors and all the accumulated wisdom of lives past. I have this mirror next my altar and feel its energy assists my spellwork ^_^

Do you collect keepsakes?

I have a box and a drawer *full* of keepsakes 😛 It’s a bunch of things, from old letters and other writings from loved ones, to stones and bark from memorable walks, to jewelry and other items tied to people and events of my past. Each thing is kind of a literal embodiment of the cherished memory it’s associated with. If I lose something like that, it’s very sad as it feels like I’ve lost part of my history :/

How often do you feel nostalgia?

Probably every day! lol

It’s triggered for me by a lot of things. Tons of cherished memories happened for me in the house where I live, so things like sitting in the same place where my partner and I first had tea here together, or snuggling my cat in the same place we snuggled when she was a tiny kitten, seeing the golden light on the dark trees reminds me of being around this area when I was a child, etc. make me feel nostalgic <3

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