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When I started reading the section on M I didn’t feel like it fit me. The more I read the more I started understand how it does though.

Though I think I may be developing my Si/M-, I realize how I haven’t been using it as much. When playing any sort of game where I can generate statistics of my play I tend to create spreadsheets to guide my game choices. These spreadsheets inevitably grow extremely complex as I constantly return to them and come up with new statistics that I find helpful in the moment or try to adjust for more helpful correlations between statistics. Eventually I hit a point where they are horrifying to look at and no stranger could make sense of them, at which time I unceremoniously make a brand new, simpler spreadsheet and begin the process anew.

This is representative of my creative processes in general. I don’t tend to have totems, and the moment I feel things stagnating (I perceive too much fidelity between the future and past) I tend to destroy or abandon what I have in pursuit of a new start.

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