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Thank you for sharing @rua. Yes, that is very different than for me. Yours is so poetic and symbolic; and mine are so literal, I’m not even sure which if any of them can truly be called “nostalgia.” For example, sometimes when I see little kids, especially girls, I will get a flashback memory of having had the same shoes or article of clothing, or maybe it’s the way they’re sitting on a slide or swing, and I’ll remember what it was like to have that kind of perspective, how fresh things seemed, how big things seemed, how big time seemed.

It’s true, though, sometimes, including when I feel particularly moved by a piece of music or something else, I feel a sense that it just sort of exists, almost eternally, in the sense of the Greek roots of the word outside of + time. Other times, when I sense what is going to happen in the future, it’s not even like it’s *going to happen*, more like it’s already happened, or is happening “now”, in the sense that time is “flat” outside of the perception I (we) are stuck in (that it’s moving at a constant speed in a constant direction), which is actually an illusion.

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