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@janie – I was attempting to explain my M experience of nostalgia to my partner last night, so let me give it a shot here.

All people can experience nostalgic sentiments but for V, less feels “lost” because all data is still in the same Vortex, in some sense, which will loop around, and there is less fear of losing specific local data, because the thematic is retained.

The most succinct way I can express the sensation of being unable to re-experience specific, irretrievably beautiful moments is through a poem I wrote recently:

====Having walked the same path, if the clock kept its place, could====

Our bodies’ tomorrow

birthed bluish

skycloud sonograms

then rippling

precisely the wind

together, and again


I was walking a path near my house one day, and there was this perfect formation of clouds that resembled a sonogram in the sky, and I had an overwhelming urge to be birthed together with that cloud in the same place, at the same time, as soon as tomorrow. And yet I knew it couldn’t be so, and a melancholy and wistful feeling which was not totally unpleasant crept over me.

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