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@Wolf00 – Makes sense about sensitivity. I’ll keep that in mind. 🙂
About Winona and TiSe – I see. She does have a wide smile so that could make sense. I also find her very beautiful and I have this problem where some TiSe’s just drive me mad 😀 so I could see it just for that reason alone. 😛

Some people may say TiSe and four lead is problematic but that is because they’re scraping the surface of either system. Even before I found CT, I typed my husband as TiSe and later he was confirmed here at CT, as TiSe. But I was pretty alert to what it actually meant, and there are many cross-dressing, musical, or glamorous Ti leads as Auburn has pointed out. My husband is one of those, an artistic beauty with a very original persona. We really struggled with his enneagram even though he’s probably the best typer on the planet 😛 but it’s very hard to type *yourself.*  In the end, our body language system revealed he’s a 9; and we also rediscovered older descriptions by Almaas and Ichazo which are far more accurate than the usual junk you read online. Riso & Hudson ruined the meaning of enneagram and everything that came after them has been shallow, with meanings of types all mucked up. So my husband, a 947 tritype and TiSe, has a very individualistic, unique outlook and a glamorous way of dressing, and artistic flare.  But he knew he didn’t quite fit the maniacal over-assertion of individual opinions & personality that fours display, nor was he aggressive enough for 7 lead. Most modern nine descriptions deny them any form of individuality or uniqueness, and also claim that nines cannot get angry. This is all bullshit. Plenty of 9s are very in touch with their own anger- but they tend to under-assert themselves in terms of their libido and aggression because they are insecure that they aren’t “enough.” They’re out of touch with holy love – the sense of blissful existence and ubiquitous love – so they can have the sense that some things are better than others (a very gut-type thing to do, to go around “judging” things as good or bad, and seeking justice and goodness, being angry about injustice) – and they will often feel they themselves are “bad” or not enough, or don’t have something good to offer the way that another person does. It can feel like an exercise in futility to assert themselves when they are disillusioned by a sense of ‘lack’ – but this does not mean that they don’t get angry. In fact, anger gives them a sense of vitality that motivates them and can break them out of this disillusionment. So, many later descriptions like RH really muck this up by attributing “lack” and “comparitiveness” to four. Four is out of touch with holy origin and feel that their origin is different from the rest; separate, unique, and disconnected. Fours however don’t compare themselves to the other humans because they are just… separate.  So, now that I’ve explained this, perhaps it might make sense how Ti would fit with four or nine both — with four, the Ti lead would emphasize their unique picky perspective, and with nine, it would emphasize something closer to what @Auburn describes as the void – although his description from the old website was very 5ish in nature – for the 9, it is more like a very big emphasis on reductiveness.  There is no reason though, that A Ti lead cannot be a four, since it is a type that is often overtly unique and individualistic in mindset. My type 9 husband also has a strong 4 fix, unsurprisingly. But you can tell a 9 vs a 4 apart because fours are frustratedly MANIC about expressing themselves at every moment, as if pulling out teeth to show their full guts 😀 whereas 9s can be more depressive or gutty and sensuous, and also can be firm.  9s can have happy wild moods and be silly and giddy, but they are unlikely to have that constant “frustrated mania” that fours display.  Anyway, Winona strikes me as more of a manic 4 than another type, and you can see it in her eyes, which are wide open almost TOO far, as if popping out of her skull. She also appears to have strong 7, jacking up this quality.

We are still working on our visual typing system, and right now, I’m wondering if Jared Leto might be a 4 lead as well. He is classically typed as 3 but it doesn’t work. He’s far too… weird, off kilter, asocial. He can be social in spurts but he’s not really engagingly adaptable the way 3s are. He’s more, this is me, take it or leave it. Threes can have insanely strong personalities, and strong opinions, but there’s still something smooth about the way they engage. Not so for Jared. He’s intense for a bit, or even manic, then he’s withdrawn and pulls into himself. I’m still working on his typing though, because I’m kind of obsessed with his mind. There’s no one else quite like him. And the mania and frustration is not quite disruptive enough for me to be certain just yet that it’s four. But maybe it has to do with his other fixes. Maybe 461 tritype. As our visual system develops, we will get clarity on this. 🙂

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