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  • Type: FiSe
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This is so true, that it gave me chills. I’ve actually been going through a bit of V style catastrophizing recently regarding current events and the pattern I kept thinking was emerging. This helps explain what I’ve been doing. This explanation has made a few things click into place. Like, I can’t believe I never connected the word “archetype” to the V axis before, even though I always insisted that when I hear new information, such as a new concept, I want to know *what kind of thing* it is at its essence.
I was speculating that the minds of V and M users store information as impressions and memories differently, but it does also have to do with whether it involves feelings / the biotic.

The M part isn’t fully clear to me. It would be interesting if I could really grasp the essence of this part:

All people can experience nostalgic sentiments but for V, less feels “lost” because all data is still in the same Vortex, in some sense, which will loop around, and there is less fear of losing specific local data, because the thematic is retained.

to get a sense for how people with M- (Si) experience nostalgia differently than the way I do.

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