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  • Type: TiNe
  • Development: l--l
  • Attitude: Adaptive

Laura Pitko


Kay! So @teatime I’m gonna include these two requests in the soft readings. 🙂

Here we have Laura Pitko, as she appears in her latest videos:

Gamma is immediately clear for this girl, and there’s clearly a lot of Te usage. She has a very mechanically-minded focus, and is a classic Te systems optimizer and Gamma meritocrat. My initial thought for her was TeNi from her latest videos (where her Te is very much on display) but that might not be right.

Her videos over the years are very edited, often times with cuts as short as a few seconds, and they don’t leave any room for pauses. All pauses seem to be taken out. Therefore it seems like what we’re looking at is a final, polished presentation that is biased towards Te. I couldn’t find any interviews she has, so we have to do some investigative work on some of her older videos and see if maybe she’s less polished with her editing skills. Q & A videos are great for this sort of thing, because it mimics a conversion format more.

I don’t have the timestamps for these (cuz I had to cut the video up) but here are some GIFs we see:

^ Ji Meticulous Hands & Ji Receding Energy (+ slight Pe Bubbling Momentum)

^ Je Gesticulations (look subordinate, not native-state) + Ji Meticulous Hands

^ Ji Meticulous Hands  (gangly, outstretched fingers)

Still, it’s pretty hard to find even moments like this, so although I suspect she’s some sort of Gamma reviser over-modulating, until she makes an interview video I can’t quite overpower the information leaning towards Te lead with enough confidence. She could be a TeNi with some moderate reviser development. But in either case, the Gamma meritocrat shade is solid here.

Margin of Error:

  • Most likely: TeNi
  • Less Likely: FiSe ll-l, SeFi lll-

Jaron Lanier


Ah, this guy. Yes. Pe + Je conscious definitely. We can see this here:


^ Pe Bubbling Momentum + Pe Body Swaying …with Je thrown in there at an angle

Here’s a Pe-lead with strong Je, but it still does not break the P-lead eye-centricity and the subordinate use of his Judgment:


^ Pe Casual Hands + Pe Bubbling Momentum + Je Gesticulations (with P Subordinate Judgment)


^ Pe Casual Hands + Pe Bubbling Momentum + Je Head Shakes / Gesticulations (with P Subordinate Judgment)


^ Notice the failed impact here


^ He also has some degree of Ji momentum halting and meticulousess, but I would say it’s somewhat below conscious.

I think this guy is SeFi l-l- as a baseline, but he does have fair use of both Fi and Ni, at different times. His eyes are very hypnotic and he had a lot of forward attention. However, his use of Se and Te is the most strong. I haven’t looked at enough videos to discern what his “full” development is, but SeFi l-l- is a minimum.

Margin of Error:

  • Most likely: SeFi l-l-
  • Less likely: SeFi of other dev (l-ll, lll-, llll)
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