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  • Type: SeFi
  • Development: lll-
  • Attitude: Unseelie

@WolfOO I’m skeptical that I’m really unseelie, but it’s possible that I misunderstand the definition. I’m *such* a softie, really. And I mirror a lot. I’m not permeable in the sense of losing sight of my opinions, but I am extremely permeable in picking up vibes and flowing with people. I’m also oversensitive. I think it just doesn’t translate well over the computer. If I met @Auburn in person and he still thought I was unseelie then maybe I’d accept it. Lol. But anyway I am really not trying to start an off-topic argument heehe, I have another thread on this topic somewhere. … To get to the point, we are either twins or almost twins! And I’ll send in a video soon, which I’ve been promising forever, for the sample set- but I was on this medication that made me so drowsy and weird that it was pointless to make the video.. but I’m off meds a week now and almost back to normal 🙂

To keep it on topic, thanks @auburn, I’m looking forward to the new typings! I check this thread often hehe. I love this stuff 🙂


FiSe seems right for Winona Ryder. I would also type her as enneagram 4. So far most of the 4’s we’ve sent in have been SeFi or FiSe, with the exception of Maria Callas who is TeNi and Leonard Cohen who is SiFe (although, I’m not 100% confident that he’s a four lead..)

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