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  • Type: TiNe
  • Development: l--l
  • Attitude: Adaptive

Anne L MacDonald


I’m not entirely sure if this is the celeb you had in mind, since there are several under this name. But even if this isn’t her, she seems interesting enough to type! 😀

^ Taut Square Cheeks (+ Possibly Ni/Se Tension)

Looking at this video, MacDonald is a solid Te-lead example:

Abundant Snippy Head Shakes, Sassy Emphasis, Plateau Velocity, Taut Square Cheeks, etc.

But what’s really interesting to me is her cognitive focus. Like so many Te-lead women, she is quick to recognize the dissonance between the agency she knows women can have, and what the rest of the world seems to see. She fits into the Te-lead feminist category, I think, and wrote books such as:


Heh! These books are so Te it hurts. The first one “How Women Inventors Changed America” shows the mechanically-minded focus of Te, in tandem with Je agency.

For the second book “No Idle Hands” she gives a history of women’s knitting, elevating its value and role in American life. From Amazon:

Here is the Colonial woman for whom idleness was a sin, and her Victorian counterpart, who enjoyed the pleasure of knitting while visiting with friends; the war wife eager to provide her man with warmth and comfort, and the modern woman busy creating fashionable handknits for herself and her family.

It appears to me that she aspired to write about how women had power and agency, and that their deeds — even things like knitting — were essential to the functionality of society. And once again here we see the mechanical focus on causality, for the benefit of all.

Margin of Error:

  • Most likely: TeNi
  • Less likely: TeSi

Patricia Arquette


The clearest thing to me about Patricia is J-lead with Ni/Se. A bit more confidently, I think JiSe l–l.


^ Ji Meticulous Hands + Ji Delicate Pinching


^ Ji Exerted Push + Ji Eyes Disengage Down + Fi Snarling (?)

I feel relatively confident about JiSe with development in Je, but right off the bat I can’t tell if she’s Fi/Te or Ti/Fe. She seems to have some signal mixing, with a warm swelling gesturing pattern, but mouth asymmetries.

It could be that, as we’ve seen with Fi l–l types already, the integration of Je causes it to appear like warm swelling due to Ji’s exerted push and more “rounded-out” impacts. But this is not a fully satisfactory rationalization. So for now I’ll just leave it open as JiSe l–l, and add her to the Signal Mixed samples.

Margin of Error:

  • Most likely: FiSe l–l, TiSe l–l
  • Less likely: JeNi l–l
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