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  • Type: TiNe
  • Development: l--l
  • Attitude: Adaptive

Joaquin Phoenix


The first thing that stands out to me about Joaquin is Beta type. Although he may sometimes seem to have an upward lift of the lip, it’s actually due to this:

Joaquin Phoenix was born with what looks like a type of scar between his lip and nose. It’s actually a microform cleft, the mildest form of cleft lip. It typically appears as a scar or notch.

It’s a cleft lip. But when we see his talk,  his mouth movements are symmetrical, his smiles are largely zygomatic and his gestures have warm swelling.

^ Beta

As for his energetics, I am fairly sure he’s P-lead, and am leaning towards Pe-lead. He looks more Pi now that he’s older but this was him before:

Some GIFs of what’s in the video:


^ P Fluid Body & P Eye-Centricity


^ Pe Bubbling Momentum + P Eye-Centricity (Se locked-on) + Je Gesticulation


^ Pe Bubbling Momentum + Je Gesticulation (+ subordinate J)


^ Ni Zoned-Out Stare / Pi Drifting

His development seems to be non-standard, but I don’t know, from a first impression, what exactly it is. But it seems Ni may be conscious. Perhaps Fe too but that seems less strong to me.

Margin of Error:

  • Most likely: SeTi l–l, SeTi l-ll
  • Less likely: NiFe l–l
  • Unlikely: Other Beta

Sidenote: He’s a really great actor and he really “transforms” with his roles. It’s hard to judge his type based on his movie roles, huh.

Amy Adams


Amy Adams was a bit confusing to me before, but less so now that we have disentangled agreeableness from Fe and Fi.

^ Te Taut Square

^ Fi Wobbling Lips + Te Taut Square Cheeks & Fi Snarling Smile

I believe she’s another agreeable/seelie TeSi.


^ Fi Asymmetrical Mouth + Te Sassy Emphasis + Te Sassy Head Shakes (+ Je Pointed Emphasis)


^ Te Plateau Velocity + Te Sassy Emphasis

I was debating FeSi at first because she does a lot of courteous gestures, she’s poised and “nice”, and very “proper.” But It’s not impossible for Te-lead women to behave this way too, and we have enough samples of that shade by now.  She gives me some Tina Fey vibes in terms of her playfulness, but her seelie energy is actually closer to Gwynne Shotwell, I think.

(Also, a bit random but: “she has placed three times in annual rankings of the highest-paid actresses in the world” – Te business-savviness? o_o Dayum, Te-leads tend to know how to negotiate their salaries and pay well.)

Margin of Error:

  • Most likely: TeSi Seelie
  • Less likely: FeSi Adaptive

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