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  • Type: TiNe
  • Development: l--l
  • Attitude: Adaptive

Georges Bataille


It looks like we have another person with a very fallen affect here, and like the others, he’s also interested in rather dark and taboo topics.

His writing, which included essays, novels, and poetry, explored such subjects as erotism, mysticism, surrealism, and transgression. His work would prove influential on subsequent schools of philosophy and social theory, including poststructuralism.

He also seems to be another high-Si novelist/writer. High-Si’s are quite well represented in this field, from what the data shows. As for his type:

He appears Alpha, and is either SiFe or FeSi, but I think SiFe may be correct.

Here we can see his Eye-Centricity:



^ Pi Fixed Forward Gaze + Je Head Pushes


^ Pi Fixed Forward Gaze + Je Head Nods/Pushes

^ His head is leaning/bending forward, guided by his gaze. He has a fixed forward gaze, and is hunched, like his head is projecting his neck outward very much like SiTe Jeff Bezos.

But we can also tell he’s likely SiFe and not FeSi by looking at his use of Je in gesticulations:


^ Je Gesticulation + P Subordinate Judgment

Here we see a subordinate judgment signal, where the hands give out a Je projection while lacking the structure and impact. The hands have more horizontality than verticality, and lack rigidity.

Margin of Error:

  • Most likely: SiFe ll– Directive + Fallen Affect
  • Less likely: FeSi ll– Directive + Fallen Affect


Martha Graham


This one’s got a bit less footage to work with, and low resolution. I checked all the videos I could find of her when she’s young too, and I’m fairly certain she’s Ni-lead.

As has become more and more clear to me, pure Ni vultology is not chiefly defined by “sharpness” and raised outer edges, but very much follows the same sort of arched pattern that we see in Ni, but with the lowering of the eyelids and raising of the brow off the eyes.

She also has a lot of Conductor conscientiousness, work-focus, and is a total boss. As for her J axis, I feel somewhat confident that she is Te/Fi:

^ She has many asymmetrical mouth movements, wobbling, and taut square effects.

She also fits the Gamma energy in many ways. Her artwork has that candid intensity of Gamma types, and stark colors with sharp contrasts. She has somewhat of a militant Te+Ni approach, but for the sake of expressing vivid Fi+Se radiation effortlessly.

Margin of Error

  • Most likely: NiTe Unseelie
  • Less likely: NiFe
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