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  • Type: TiNe
  • Development: l--l
  • Attitude: Adaptive

A snippet from Discord that may be helpful here:

it’s a bit complicated because – as we ARE self organizing organisms- we are trying to strive by default, it’s pretty much a…biological fact. Fe would just focus more on this aspect, no?

Right. As Umbi was saying the other day, all function perspectives are ‘right’, and their academic progress is of benefit to us all. So Fe brings to bearing truths about human beings that many Fi/Te can see and agree with, just like Te brings forth truths that Fe/Ti’s can agree with– even though they wouldn’t have been as inclined to view it that way or deduce it that way by themselves.

It seems Fe/Ti users are more predisposed to be in conceptual alignment with the realities and necessities of our biological and qualia needs (from the outside-in), such as a target to aim at, a thing that matters, and a place to belong, a community, etc. Fe gives the world a lot of insight into that facet which applies to us all. So it’s not that Te/Fi’s don’t strive. It’s that Fe/Ti users, due to their function pair, tend to bring universal articulation to the nature and necessities of conscious vector-objects (beings).

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