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Fe and Fi in other systems are often inconsistently defined, but at some root they usually fall into the concepts of Fe relating to others and groups or society and Fi relating to the self and perhaps one-on-one, intimate connections with others. There is usually some mish-mash of feelings, convictions, ability to empathize, etc. thrown in

Biotic and Abiotic ethics work, but what would one do with the Alexithymia people, which are unable to feel, all the way down to those who truly sense themselves as almost Vulcan? I’d say we need to dismiss personality disorders, even if its 5-10% of people.

My thoughts on this F vs T:

My ethics is “biotic”, what I FEEL in the moment, do not matter. My feelings, do not matter; what matter is those I care about. This is not attachment based, as, it do not rule decisions per-se, but certainly the ethics of decisions. The typical Jungian system either rate feelings on scales, where women rate higher than men due to what I perceive mostly as gender based emoting; I do not think it’s that much emotions, more, typically you have either an “internal” or “external” moral compass. I think this is only one way to frame the difference:

You also can divide it in Biotic and Abiotic ethics, and external / internal. The advantage of types as “External, non-biotic based ethics” aka school of hard knocks, is you do not exclude 10% of the human population due to not “feel”, and do not force the hypothetical system to exclude 10% of humans.

So, then we comes to the concept of “god”. The idea was doomed to failure when ethics, morale and self-understanding followed physics and metaphysics. When true understanding of within and without, what follows the failure of the Temple (the fall of Jerusalem and the Renaissance), is literally an restatement of the divinity to “move back” take back seat, here take the beggar cup, mr. puffy cloud, sit by the Tooth Fairy and Santa..

This is the cases ppl still believe, true, hardcore belief, of ppl praying 5+ times a day, and go nowhere without Him. I live in a country where the average Churchgoer dont think there is any deity. In my case we reached ancient doomsday prophecies equal to The Fall of the Temple, again, where the Ni people think we reach doomday, just, there is barely any Ni who cares. Think they is busy Doomsday prepping if they look for The End. The american Millenialism and Pentecost teachings is another topic altogether, where The Jew is the true saviour, and a third to half of the theologies of the States truly believe HE got a plan for The Jew as True Inheritor, Christianity is not the Chosen Ones, it’s the ones denying HIM, and lolling off into Ni land and scary visions of glories of doomsday Grand Israel rising and retaking their Heritage..

So, where did Mr. Puffy cloud, happy dude on cloud watching us? We could end up in the Theology of Small Gods by Terry Pratchett, in Discworld, where the speed of light is slower than the speed of sound, and the world is flat and balance on 4 elephants standing on a turtle. Where the deities vanish without anyone seeing it; the abstract, theoretical energy fields of creation, called God, is not biotic enough to deserve the term.

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