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Alexander the Less
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I’m grappling with a way to interact with the posts here, as I want to participate; however, I have to admit, I’m struggling to find my footing with what’s presented here.

Does this mean that the distinction between Biotic and Abiotic is a matter of ontology?

I ask because my approach to “Biotic” and “Abiotic” matters are almost entirely phenomenological, likely an approach I picked up due to my mixed bag of absurdist, anti-realist, and post-structuralist beliefs.

I really only have questions, but I’m not sure which questions are the ones to ask. As of now I leave the question on this being a matter of ontology and/or phenomenology along with a second question:

How does this relate to the construction of the Self that takes place through the encounter of/with the Other? (thinking it terms of Husserl and company)

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