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1. What are you interested in (name as many things as you’d like, and how you came across these interests)? 

Kindness – child. Intellect – teenager. The strength to help others – present day.


2. What are you knowledgeable in? What have you studied and why did you choose to study that?

Psychology and Art. Was always interested and will probably die still discovering things in both fields.


3. What’s your preferred way of answering questions (i.e. epistemology)?

Short and bitter.


4. What do you think of knowledge structures? Science? Academia? Philosophy?

A series of personal, diminishing returns.


3. How would you describe your inner experience? Is it cohesive or do you have many ‘sides’ to you? What are your ‘sides’?

A prism I was shaped into and am learning to shape. The light that enters (willingly or unwillingly) determines the output.


4. What do you worry most about, at the social level? Do you have concerns about humanity?

I worry about society to the extent that I should know which part of the Earth’s surface makes more/ the most sense for me and those I care about to live on at any given time. Used to be disdainful. Now the absurdity of it is a source of occasional, and always welcome hysterics.


5. In what areas of life does accuracy matter most?

Accuracy always matters. Its import lessens the more pressure the environment places upon its agents (speed and commitment to a decision start mattering much more).


6. What is your relationship to age and ‘time’? Would you consider yourself child like? Or more old-man/woman-like?

Used to be a consummate hermit. Actively engaged in embracing the opposite (my origin).


7. Anything else you’d like to share?

Nuu. Actually sure. I edited this post twice for formatting in a four-minute timespan.

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