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hackphobia: “i had an idea the other day that consciousness is a some kind of backward-in-time telepathy that your future self is experiencing in multiple time lines but get collapsed in a single now
if that makes sense”

i said something basically identical to this in the recent in Model 2’s P Systems thread, pertaining to V
V-, as a temporal contextualizer, is spatiotemporal trans-locality.
which converges on V+, as actuality — as the ‘now’ moment of this spatiotemporal trans-locality.
trans-locality in this case would be like an entanglement (to borrow a physics term) of a particle across temporal context, so multiple-timelines, or multi-dimensionality — and yet, it’s ‘one’ thing. like a particle [V+] existing in 12 dimensions, but still being the same particle. except since some of these dimensions are temporal (past/future) it also crosses those, while being the same particle.


oppositely, M+ would be more like a superposition, where each position is equally ‘real’, and ‘bifurcation’ happens in a similar way as some of the multiverse theories, which describe infinitely diverging timelines from the superposition of particles at every nanosecond.
in this case, actual planes (M-, as ‘locality’) are independently existent, but M+’s superposition generates an infinite potentiality of more actual planes.

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