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For typical cerebral flow states, the experience is loss of time, everything just speed up, I keep working, no interruption, no time, nothing exist outside, me, and my task. It’s a perfect way to exist, just, be and read, write or create what I want.

Physical tasks which manage to get me into an flow, typically that would be either running or Capoeira (a dance), works similar, nothing happens outside of what I am doing, me, and what I am doing.

I don’t experience intuitive creative ideas as a “flow”, typically, the creative idea I get is when I am calm and rested, head is clear, maybe out walking, etc. I might GET ideas in flow though, and just save it for later. Typically some creative idea I need time to flesh out, or some science thing needing analysis. It’s some overlap, but I experience intuition as wery, different from “flow” which is more sensory in how it works.

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