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The most common way I can achieve a flow-state—or come very close anyway—is when I’m telemark skiing. I think this is because it’s one of only a few activities I can think of that I have a very high level of skill at. The experience of it the feeling of adapting to & responding to the terrain around me in a fluid, fast-paced, 1:1 way. Im more likely to get into this zone if the terrain is challenging and requires a certain amount of precision. There’s a particular sensation that goes with this state—or comes right afterward—it’s a feeling i associate with relaxed engagement/contentment that radiates deep into my lumbar & lower torso. There’s a steepish gladed piste not far from my house that I try to ski & hike back up several times a week during the winter. I’ve found it really helps to keep me on-keel during the dark winter months. The downshot is that if I’m out of the zone on a particular day—flubbing, uncoordinated—it can be very frustrating.

I’m pretty intellectual, but I can’t think of getting flow-like states very much from intellectual activity—it’s too meticulous, and not always stimulating in a holistic way. Maybe the closest is when I’ve felt really inspired to write something like a poem or a story, and I don’t have to think too much about what I’m doing—-there’s a positive pressure of ideas wanting to bubble outward as words.  Sometimes when I’m smoking weed I can have some very intense & mind-blowing trails of thought, because my way of thinking is off kilter from normal (ha ha, yes I know this sounds like delusions of stoned grandeur) but it’s generally not what I’d think of as a flow-state, since I usually don’t do anything to direct or express these outwardly. I can get in a deeply-engaged zone from drawing or painting, and I think if I practiced it more, developed more skill at it I could get pretty flowing with it.



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