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Oh, I don’t know what counts as a flow state, but I do have certain experiences that are …strange.

They can only happen to me when my health bars are high– if I’m well rested, well fed, emotionally happy and financially secure. I have to be fully alone. And then they happen in tandem with inspirational clarity.

An idea I have will both be begging to ‘come out’ of me, while my body is simultaneously able to give it form. In these moments, I become a channel for that *thing* to arise. It’s art and truth at the same time.

Usually I’m on the computer, and as I’m writing my fingers just type with minimal backspacing (which is rare for me), because the link between consciousness and body is unobstructed. I typically play music when I’m like this. And my body behaves differently. It behaves very much like Aurora’s in GIFs like this:


My hands make these motions in between me typing sentences. For example, I’ll type out a paragraph, and then “dance” with my hands for a minute, swinging my body side to side, and then type out another sentence when it feels “ready” to come out next. I have to be alone because otherwise I feel very self-conscious about it.

Then, when I am done, I feel a euphoric release and contentment. It feels like I birthed something beautiful into the world. Something ‘true’ and worthwhile.

These moments are becoming less rare for me as I age; hopefully I’m becoming a clearer channel.

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