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I think my most typical flow state is highly cerebral..

When I’m in a flow state I will most typically be in a rested position, sitting with my back relaxed and my legs up or scootched close to my body. My mind is clear, calm, but active. The thoughts are creative, they easily formulate new insights and ideas. If I wish to structure my thoughts, its a smooth process. Articulation streams out quite effortlessly, although I’d be more inclined to write then to speak in this state. There is less subconscious chatter, and more experience of the world ‘as it is’. I feel calm, serene, safe, in harmony and accepting of the universe. There is a certain neutrality to this state, and a sense of emotional and mental alignment, and of an inner trust that combines tranquility with alertness.
I think the most common way for me to go into a flow state is via thinking about a concept in a very cerebral fashion. I tend to find this very relaxing and natural for my state of being. In a way it feels like what I was meant to be doing.. all the time..

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