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There’s a lot of great ideas here! o,o

I have to admit I’m fully aware that this agreeable/disagreeable spectrum does not cover the full range of emotional attitudes a person can take– and it’s far too limited in its nuance. I think it’s at around this point that CT has to “hand things over” to a model of emotional fixations. I see Attachment Theory, Schema Therapy, the Enneagram and the Personality Disorders models as all fitting into this camp — but without a clear “winner” yet.

The problem is in verifying any of these models, including CT’s Ea’s, as necessary dualities rather than as different ways to “cut up the pie.” I think the CT vultological distinctions between seelie<–>unseelie and adaptive<–>directive work well at the extremes. For example, very clear seelie vultology will demonstrate a psychological parallel to high agreeableness. But Ea does seem like a bell curve to me, with most fitting in the middle. Yep @varlawend I do see it as a spectrum (as I mentioned in the article), and that lets me know that CT probably isn’t grasping the “true reality” of emotional dynamics through this dichotomy.

For the time being, agreeable-disagreeable is the only (albeit low-resolution) spectrum that I know of that can be visually tracked. I know that some enneagram groups have been trying to find their own ways to quantify the types too and am eager to see what they come up with.

Oh and Janie, I think you are not really that unseelie. xD You have plenty of seelie energy too, as I mentioned in that one thread with your bashful smiles. As noted, it’s a spectum and we need more dedicated vultological revisions of this spectrum (perhaps a scale system). But I think you would fall within the bell curve, like most people. I am also planning to make a survey (like the Energetics one) that can be used to measure, from a psychological angle, where a person falls along this spectrum and see if it matches the vultology.

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