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  • Type: SeFi
  • Development: ll--
  • Attitude: Seelie

@Auburn, you say here :

High F + Agreeable:Habitually highlighting subjects as possessing biotic/living qualities, and having a permeable membrane to their emotional needs at all times.

Also, this is from your article about Redefining F :

In CT, F has nothing to do with emotionality. A person’s level of emotional sensitivity & level of emotional affect are not related to F. Emotionality falls outside of the metabolism of cognition – as cognitive processes are non-emotional. Emotion may result from the inevitable net participation of our cognitive processing with our limbic system, but the cognitive processing itself is a separate phenomenon than emotion.

From your articles I understand that :

– Permeability is no longer an Fi attribute

-Emotional Pallate is no longer an Fi attribute

-Hypersensitivity and overwhelm is also no longer an Fi under stress attribute

First – am I right? Cause you might for example mean something else when using the word permeability in these 2 contexts and then I could be wrong.

Then, if I am right, of course, of course, what remains from the Fi behavioral profile?

And how does it differ from Ti behaviorism?

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