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I love the new article!

The understanding that people’s emotional attitudes are a separate phenomenon from their cognitive type, but still run in parallel to create a unique relationship between the two, really adds clarity to this topic which has been so essential yet confusing.

And I luuuv the Ti & Te agreeable combo examples!!  It would be nice to have examples for the other two also ^-^ ..!!

Umm, regrading the ‘function axes differences’ manifesting differently in the seelie/unseelie/adaptive/directive…

On the one hand, it intuitively seems right to imagine that the various combinations of emotional attitudes with the different functions may emerge in behaviors, fixations and emotional mechanisms that are slightly different.  On the other hand.. I donno about this.  Maybe the nuance is too subtle to create any visibly meaningful differences?

Going over the four descriptions of the attitudes, I can find myself in both the Fe and the Fi.  I relate to some of the things in the adaptive and directive, yes, but I equally relate to the ‘deep empathy’ and ‘hypersensitivy’ sections described in the Fi seelie, and I too am a sullen “broken bird; a disenchanted idealist who realizes that the world is too wretched a place for beauty to last within”, for example 😉  Or, I relate to ‘leveling the truth’, for example, but I could also imagine some some Te leads relating to that description..?  I don’t relate to the unseelie “bitchiness” at all, but neither so much to the “retribution”, although I do think I have a strong sense of justice.

I’m really curious to know how other people here relate to the descriptions..

Edit: Also, the directive description is all so very.. dark lol.  So, if I am typed as directive, I would open this description and see: Shaming, Retribution, Leveling the truth, Violence, Manipulation, Cultism.  Yikes! I hope that’s not what I am like ><

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