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I’ll have to digest the information in that thread some more, as it’s fairly technical, but from what I understand on first read through it seems like it explains things pretty well.

So you can think of the Ne-Si oscillation as having definite dimensions, but indefinite object ranges within them.

Si-Ne: The dimensions are fixed in their local parameters, but your current location is a superposition across them.

–Yes, if I understand right this seems to account for what I was raising in my earlier posts. But like I say it will probably take me a few more read-throughs to fully process this (stuff it into my Si quilt, so-to-speak).

I suppose one way to look at it is that any time I’m using Si, I’m surely also engaging Ne at least peripherally, since the two are closely connected. So if I’m at the margins of two closely-related datasets–near where they intersect or overlap with each other–then Ne would probably be superposing information from both of these at once, blurring their edges and making the perceptual experience one of fluid continuity.

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