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Basically everything Nardi has done has been completely made-up.

The methodological rigor behind his studies is basically zero. He based his “function presence” analysis on making people self-type using the interaction styles and other Keirseyan dichotomies (which Keirsey himself has said have no causal link to cognitive functions at all), and then collecting their brain patterns in “charts” of “patterns” of how areas are accessed.

He seems to selectively ignore the vast portions of the brain that are yet unknown to us and factor them out to deliberately arrive at coherent-looking portions and confirm these people supposedly having matching types (and if you type them by a non-Keirseyan metric they don’t). Completely also ignores the fact that he doesn’t understand and no one understands the whole thing but continues to insist that the parts he’s selectively cherry-picked and highlighted are “more important” ( without any real explanatory grounding other than them making his typings look good) than others. In addition to this, he has also failed to write sound methodologies for his studies, *conveniently* making them completely non-reproducible.

He also (in regards to my moral judgement) seems completely willing to distort any and all information when it comes to promoting his own system – an example would be Meghan LeVota, who at some time was receiving speculation for being an Se-dominant, who endorsed his work and who supposedly he “empirically” typed ENFJ (which shouldn’t be possible, as her socionics type and associated traits, EIE, does not have much alignment with the Keirseyan view of the ENFJ he uses) with a “brain scan” (again with selective jargon employed to make himself sound smart and look good). He is a slimy figure willing to do anything for self-promotion.

Overall, I think his work is garbage, I hate him, and anyone who wants to take typology seriously should also think his work is garbage.

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