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Alexander the Less
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What is your relationship with your Pi function? How does it manifest in your life?

I don’t think about my functions that often… Until you ask a question like this. I decided to review an article from the Model 2 updates to ensure I could speak with some confidence on this matter.

To be direct and short, I am in love with my Pi and revere it in excess.

To be oblique, I’ll frame my relation to Pi in a way that feels apt, a story:
While I don’t know the average ages for different developmental milestones, the story surrounding myself standing and walking are often told as if I had done so incredibly early. As my mother recalls it, I began holding myself firmly on two feet around 6 months old. However, I would only stand and/or walk under one condition: that I could hold onto a ledge with one hand the entire time. If I wanted to cross a room, I would slide my hand along the couch until I reached the end, drop to all fours to crawl, stand up and walk around the table, proceed to crawl after exhausting the table’s length, and stand again once I reach the entertainment center. I continued in this fashion, despite any and all adult prodding for me to take that first unassisted step, until I was a year old. According to my parents, they’re certain that I could have stood on my own at 6 months and walked without a considerable wobble at 9 months, as my hands on the ledges were barely contributing at all. In fact, sometimes I would accidentally lift my hand and walk or stand without realizing I had done so, but rest assured I would immediately stick my hand to the ledge again the second I realized my reckless abandon!

I tell this story to illustrate something that seems like a mainstay throughout my life, a theme concerning how I undertake any and all challenges: with an acute sense of caution. For all the looking ahead that I do in my life, it seems that I will rarely take a step unless there is some sense of certainty or an overwhelming probability in my favor.

I love my Pi, but I love it too much. For all my sense of wonder and idealism, I can never stop holding myself back. I seek certainty in a world where I am under the impression there isn’t any to find, that paradoxical certainty being the only one I have managed to unearth. It often causes me to dwell on the regret that I don’t have the confidence to take risks, risks necessary to gain more substantial rewards. Yet despite this awareness, I still find myself clinging to the familiar, the safe, the mundane, etc. It has come to a point where now exploration in the world, for me, looks like taking a different back road home, looking for an internet chatroom to lurk on, and so on.

Do you consider cereal to be a soup? Why or why not?

Absolutely not.

We have to define two things, “soup” and “cereal.” Both of these are categories that encompass a selection of specific foods.

Soups are a category that is based on a collection of ingredients. Soups are foods that come about from a recipe, recipes that utilize a liquid base of either a combination of (sometimes solely) water, broth, milk, and/or juice. The liquid base is always accompanied by some selection of vegetables, fruits, grains, and/or meats. Soups may be hot, cold, clear, or thick.

Cereals are a category that encompass only an ingredient. Cereals are an ingredient that have undergone a processing that leaves them in a dried state, whether partial or whole. Nothing about the milk makes the ingredient suddenly qualify as cereal. The bowl full of milk and cereal is called cereal, but to say that the combination of ingredient is cereal is a misnomer. It is merely cereal in milk, a way to prepare and enjoy your cereal, the processed and dried grains themselves.

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