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Ahhhh so this is where the question comes from 😅 I asked my brother, he might be (PeJi as well or JiPe but beta) and he anwsered, no cereal is not a soup (he directly foused on the semantics of the term and not on technical aspect) but then: “wait a minute 🧐 Our cousin and his mum were always saying that whey are gonna eat a ‘milk soup’ for a breakfast” even if it ment the cold milk – they come from other part of Poland influenced more by German language, curious if it is related. It might be, that the origin of the ‘milk soup’ term comes from a milk cooked with rice or pasta which was an actual breakfast meal eaten in the past? And yeah it is a matter of semantics attached to the term by certain culture, group, nationality with emphasis on the temperature in which the meal is being served? From one perspective the word milk meaning could be stretched to – a broth produced in the mammal 🤣 It is warm when served to the newborn. People are trying to recreate the lactation procces by cooking various ingridients for long time in a pot. The problem is that the lactating mammal is required, lactose, protein, specific antibodies are being produced which doesn’t occur specifically while cooking the broth. Its nature made, very specific conditions are required to obtain the mammal milk. (But vagetable milk is crafted by human and being heated in a process of production I think?) Its just very broad association connecting those two processes in the way that valuable ingredients are beeing extracted from semi-products in a process. There are plenty of cold soups I eaten, like chłodnik, 냉면, 콩국수 from soy, with ice in it, they will taste terrible if someone decided to heat it 😛 there are some of them which don’t require any cooking.

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