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Um, I did sleep on it, so to say, I think this is my answer:

* Opposite categories measured need to exist. They might well not exist at all.

Not as, nothing is measured, but, the logic of measurement makes you find 1 of 4 possible “leads”, that do not validate an oposition of functions. Or any layout not measured, only as methods of measurement to get results. That is; the logic of validation of an lead function only validate it’s existence, not that there is an logical inferior function. Being of polar development is not the issue; the issue is logical fallacies of using the map to find an function, as an layout.

The tendency of Psychology research to discard any non Big Five, or prefering qualitative rather than quantitative method is what makes typology an funny topic; it’s not this which, is the answer. The true answer seem to be, to my feeling, the perceived opositions of Pi and Pe do not alter how  i use them, feel, perceive, and act. The dream answer is the same as when I was looking at MBTI and looked into typing with it; the dream say the fallacies still might be there, so answers  need to be outside the scope of falacies.

Ok, the answer might be we are unable to Perceive. We live in a sense-limited scope of consepts, limiting ourself to categories, and by nature we use analogy experience as guidelines, I assume we might say we sense, feel, and live in a physical existence; our senses is internal immages, moderated by whatever method you imagine (say, pure categories and transcendental logic of Kant), or whatever. Transcendental ideas might not as pure consept translate to empirical world; only validation of them a posteriori would.

Getting that out of the way, I’d say… I got good memory. Being curious and with exellent memory I’d be typed INTP anytime by almost any mbti’er, everywhere quickly. The truth is a bit complex, though, might be best to discuss this in chat…


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