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well i can try. for what my understanding of something is. it may not be it.
but i can say it “manifests” as a super-distant viewpoint. can be zoomed in or out. “lower or higher”. some things are over the horizon. you are aware of the whole “floor” and what is on the “floor” even when you are not “up” when you go “up”, you zone out, and expand the feed. the zoning will increase with incoming information or it will be done later in one huge block, for me (backup..backlog). its a comfortable place to be

ur standard-issue vantage-point


the arrangement of events/things: i am very visual so it is conceived as a map/hologram/object inside (no, it doesnt look quite like this…). in relation to other things.


points are like streams everywhere flowing down. or they can be combining/gathering spheres of scenes/themes on a field/map. or explained like chapters and events, with a pace and distance, closing, opening.

i was explaining to @Auburn ,
“i am logged into a vein of the past at the point where all streams join, at the central valley/nexus, coming from all rivers down the mountains, data is ”on the horizon”, i feel in the flow of time and aware of it, though i could not tell you how long something might take abstractly, i am always at the right time and the right place, i appear just before something must be completed, to complete it”

“stages” and “checkpoints” notify eachother. a lot of words in quotation marks here…it’s abstract. so think of dominos or escorting a vehicle through – you are above, guiding it through lanes, ahead, opening and closing paths. sometimes waiting, ugh.

and because words fail on much, here are some videos. some are kinda-dark, but its not dark or scary to me (having heard “Ni” is to some others), and that’s not the vibe i wish to give off precisely, but the mass of information and connectivity/weaving of it. there’s a lot of focus on humanity,mythology,society,battles between “forces”/territories,and growth

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