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what’s the difference between “Registering mental objects as discontinuous and discrete” (S) and “Definitional processing” (J-)?

The finality of information provided by S’s boundary is not organized according to a monistic/platonic definition. It’s simply the measurable limits of the dataset at hand, independent of how that data fits or doesn’t fit principles of essential definition.

In a sense, J-‘s definitional processing is not contingent on any data, but is a kind of “ideal form” registration that is extracted from observing many objects. S, on the other hand, is not idealistic about the perfect limits of forms of objects. The discontinuity of objects is spatio-temporal (space, location, time) and quantitative (amount, size) — even if those properties are abstract. For example, if there is a [quantity] of something, and the quantity is 50, that is a registration of finality without any necessary investigation into the essence of 50. So S understands informational limits, but those are contextual limits, not the limits of ideal forms (Ji).


^ But this is a good question. I know there’s some proximity between these two concepts, and I’m still trying to find the best phrasing for them, so as to not overlap. I debated on whether to use the word ‘discrete’ the most, as it seemed applicable to both in various ways. This is a first draft, so it may refine over time. I hope this helps clarify a little.

But let me know if it’s still unclear, and I’ll see if I can refine the terms more, as I don’t yet feel 100% happy with it either.

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