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I’m glad you found insight and comfort in my post ^^

I think the narratives of afterlife religions create can indeed be double-edged swords. Because fear of the unknown is often not about ambiguity itself, but about those ‘what ifs’ we project on the situation. Also as you indicate, the idea of an unknown mode of existence after death raises the question of potential suffering, so believing in an afterlife isn’t necessarily comforting.

It can certainly be an effective tool of control though, to motivate ppl with that sort of fear, i.e. hellfire :/

Without consciousness, there is a requirement for faith in something greater.

I’m curious about this thought. Why would that be? Do you mean that without the capacity for someone to perceive in a conscious manner that they would have to be guided by an intelligence/force outside themselves? Can you elaborate on your thought?

The psychological concept of consciousness in others projecting the dead as ‘pseudo-creatures’ is interesting – and from a psychological perspective, sort of makes sense.

Yeah it is interesting isn’t it? I think there’s probably something like that going on, Jung’s description of archetypes is essentially that we create and perpatuate certain psychic forms in this way. I also have experimented with servitors and egregores, psychic beings generated by a group via occult rituals. It seems to me that these beings can exist, but they are like archetypes, an effect of the collective libidic energy of the group. As soon as the group stops believing in them, their forces no longer manifest in the world.

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